Very calming environment that I have found extremely useful to discuss feelings and emotions that had essentially baffled and confused me for a long period of my life. Nothing is judged and all can be discussed leading to open, honest measures to take some action on things in my life which cause me suffering. I very much thank you for your work and will not forget it!

Very comfortable working with Liz. I have always left the sessions on a positive note, the guidance and help is commendable. Liz has definitely changed my views about the past and the future. It was nice to be with someone who actually listens and gives the relevant guidance. Thank you Liz! 

Very warm and welcoming. Felt comfortable talking about my issues. Easy to talk to about some different subjects. After the first session I knew she would be a good "fit" for me. Only occassionaly felt nervous about upcoming sessions, if anything I looked forward to the next meeting with her.

Liz is a very empathic therapist, but also provides a degree of direction and challenge. Her goal is to have a finitie clinical relationship, that ends when you are ready and willing to face struggle without her direct support. Liz introduced me to the ACT model of behavioural therapy, which I have found very helpful (by comparison to CBT based models I have used previously).

I have found each session immensely helpful in managing my anger and stress. I feel I have an improved life because I can move forward and enjoy what I have rather than always searching for something without knowing what it might be.

Helped get me to a place I do not believe I would have got to on my own. Having essentially a stranger to listen to my problems seemed daunting at first, but this changed minutes into the first session. Thank you for everything you have done to help me.

Really helpful - felt able to say whatever was in my head without being judged. Very calm environment. Resourceful & useful techniques provided to help me in my life going forward.

Every visit has been a positive experience. Liz listened and understood what I was saying and the mindfulness exercises helped. I would highly recommend Liz to others without a doubt.

Very knowledgable, has shared a lot of really helpful content/tools that has helped me to progresss and feel empowered to cope with this. Very empathic and understanding. It has helped me realise that it is possible to have a happy life with tinnitus

Would highly recommend, never feels like a 'session' just a chat without judgement or pre-conceived ideas. Very professional yet manages to achieve a warm, safe rapport.

It's been a brilliant help talking to someone, I feel better physically & mentally than I have for years, and am in a much better position to enjoy my life feeling positive about the next chapter ahead.

Very useful for clarifying what's really important in life and good strategies for helping to break unhelpful thought patterns.

I have found the sessions very useful and it has given me a different perspective.